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Soft Chaos designs meaningful, playful interactions that connect people at the interstices of physical and digital worlds.

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What We Do

Three Reasons to

Embrace A Little Chaos

Playful and

We love what we do, and working with us is pleasant but never dull.

not Rigid

We adapt our process to suit your needs, whether you want hands-on collaborators or just want it handled.

and Caring

We are as invested in the projects we take on as our clients are, and we aim to do what's best for you and your project first and foremost.

The reason we will come back to working with Soft Chaos again is because of their ability to see who you are in your work and align themselves with the vision: no ego, no glory-seeking, just plain hard work and showing up. It's clear that there's an absolute love of what they do.

Jadé & Jorge, ZU-UK Theatre Company

You'll Be Fine Without Us

...If you like doing things the hard way.

Even a short consultation with us can save you energy, time, and money. We'll help get your project where it needs to go.

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What It's Like to Work With Us

When you call in Soft Chaos, we put our eclectic, award-winning design skills and diverse lived experiences to work in service of your needs. We love meaningful design that exceeds expectations while staying in scope of your project requirements. It all starts with a first consultation so we can get to know each other.

Interactive Experience Design Consultation

We can help you design your playful interactive project, whether you're a game designer yourself or someone looking to add playful interactions to an experience. At any stage in the process, from conception to production, if you need feedback or guidance from experts: Soft Chaos is here for you. If you’re looking for a diverse perspective, we also use our lived experiences to help your project be more inclusive.

Bespoke Game Design for Public Play & Events

We design custom play experiences for your events, whether it's a conference or festival, or a special treat for a wedding or birthday. Ask us about games to be played during the event, or about gifts for your guests to take away with them.

Educational Workshops, Talks & Activities

We bring unique and interactive workshops that use games as a tool for engaged learning to you. Whatever the subject matter is, we can help you integrate playfulness and systems thinking into your learning. We also are experts in design and have worked with major game studios, educational institutions, and community organizations to facilitate game design learning.

Our Clients (as Soft Chaos)

Our Clients (as individuals)

Generously supported by The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Our Supporters

Thank you so much for your work. The game created the empathy with the users that we were looking for.

UNICEF Office of Innovation

Our Work (And Play)

Case Studies & Other Cool Things

We think you'll like these projects as much as we do, but what we really want is to help you make a project that you love. Try these on for size as examples of what we can do for you!


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We hardly ever send emails. Weekly emails aren't really our thing. But it is how we tell people about new projects, events, crowdfunding campaigns, and other initiatives we're involved in. It's also one of the ways we ask for playtesters!

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