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Anthology of Intimacy

Allison Cole

Project Type
  • larp
  • relationships
  • dating

May 2017

Anthology of Intimacy is a series of seven Larps. Each was made with a different collaborator and initially designed in only one month for my master's thesis.

These games are about creating very personal moments to express the affect of very specific relationships. The final product of this process is a book about the design process. It includes artist statements, letters to my co-designers, context of our relationship, artifacts of play.

The Games:

date me irl pls (with Eileen Holowka) A game that turns OkCupid into a partially blindfolded game show.

Hello Again (with Shera Starr) An audio guided game inspired by those we played when we were young, where you intepret your daily life through the fantastical and connect with an old friend

I Will Find a Perfect Person One Day (with Stephanie Nudelman) A game where youth are sent to a government retreat to find the officially approved person they will spend the rest of their lift with.

Is This is a DATE? (with Kay Cormier) A game where fantastical creates meet for coffee and try to figure out if they are on a coffee date, or a coffee DATE.

Libegeist (with Michael Marcotte) A game where two people play a couple making an important decision about their relationship, while two other people play the literal ghosts of their failed relationships haunting them.

Remember That Time? (with Joachim Despland and Carolyn Jong) A game where a romantic triad nostalgically recall their high school relationship, where the passage of time is measured in glasses of wine.

This is Going Pretty Well... (with Jordan Osterer) A game where two people meet for a terrible first date in a Guy-Fieri-esque restaurant.