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Cadences - The Story of a Distance and Its Pair

Allison Kyran Cole, Jess Rowan Marcotte, D. Squinkifer

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Project Type
  • tabletop game
  • soft chaos original
  • relationships

Feb 2022

Cadences is a game designed to be played by two people asynchronously. Players will create the story of a relationship’s life, from the moment of its conception until the moment it ends. In Cadences, there are two roles for the players: The Distance and The Pair.

The Distance is ever-shifting and mysterious. Playing The Distance means seeking to find words and metaphors to describe something abstract and mutable.

The Pair is human and flawed. Playing The Pair means playing a grounding, concrete role in contrast to the metaphorical and amorphous nature of the Distance.

The Distance and The Pair take turns going on walks guided by an accompanying audio file, considering the changes and phases of the relationship, and communicating the next part of the story in a way that fits their relationship. The Pair describes, with the help of prompts, events that happen in the relationship while the Distance describes, through metaphorical descriptions, how those events impact it.

The last time that either half of the Pair thinks of the other is the end of the relationship, and leads to the end of the game.