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Princess of Arcade Event

Allison Kyran Cole, Jess Rowan Marcotte, the MRGS team

Project Type
  • event
  • arcade party
  • indie creators
  • lgbtq creators
  • bipoc creators

Jul 2015

Have you heard of The Princess of Arcade*, The Arcade Party Formerly Known as Prince?*

“The first thing we decided was we were only going to feature creators who are traditionally underrepresented in video game spaces. That boils down to everyone but straight white cis-dudes creators, just for this one event. We’re going to have a space for women, people of colour, trans-folk and non-binary folk and we’re going to show these experiences that usually don’t get expressed in video games.”

Picking up where MRGS's Prince of Arcade party left off, Princess of Arcade was an inclusive games event that took place in Montreal, QC, and welcomed guests to play a collection of games, all created by LGBTQA folk, people of color, and women.