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A Prom Game

Mattie Brice, Allison Cole, Aaron Keeth

Project Type
  • larp
  • event
  • relationships
  • dating
  • public play

Jun 2016

Designed to be played by an international crowd in Times Square, Prom Game is a social elimination game with light role-play elements and a quintessentially American theme. Players mingle and choose someone to get to know using questions from different love tests. As the game progresses, more and more couples are “sent home” until the last remaining couple is crowned Prom King and Queen.

Mechanically, this is a game about finding the other player who has the closest number to yours. Socially, it is about giving players the chance to have quirky one-on-one interactions with people they would never meet in their regular life. It is an exercise in both intimate conversation and absurdity.