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The Real Magical Girls of Collingwood

Jess Rowan Marcotte and Michael J. Marcotte

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Project Type
  • tabletop game
  • module
  • fiasco
  • playset

May 2015

You didn’t choose the Magical Girl Life, the Magical Girl Life chose you. What’s that sound? Oh, just the music queueing up for your 10-minute long transformation sequence.

Being a teenager is hard - there’s that exam you have to study for, you’re trying to swing a date with that cutie you’ve been eyeing on the bus, and you’re pretty sure Mount Vesuvius is about to erupt on your face. Oh - and there’s that talking animal that’s been visiting you at night and telling you that you and your friends have been chosen to fight evil using your magical powers. This playset is for fans of Magical Girl anime and manga - maybe you’re the goody-two-shoes who bakes cookies for all your pals, maybe you’re the clumsy one who doesn’t know how to talk to your crush, or maybe you’re the powerful magic-user looking to take your rightful place in the world. See you after school!

This playset is designed to be played with Bully Pulpit's Fiasco! game.