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Same Time, Next Week

Jennifer Allaway, Allison Cole

Project Type
  • larp
  • relationships
  • dating
  • the internet
  • the nineties

Dec 2015

Same Time, Next Week works to create a hybrid digital-analogue experience that plays with time, distance and intimacy in novel ways. Gameplay uses rare and intimate physical interactions (hand holding, deep eye contact) to create an emotional bond between (potential) strangers.

The regimented schedule of one minute of gameplay equalling one hour in the game world limits players’ communication outside of these interactions to a contrastingly impersonal digital space and forces players to mitigate their own impatience, an emotion not often catered to in-game spaces.

Simple barriers in physical space are used to create the illusion of great distance, also contributing to the designed intimacies created.

Same Time, Next Week combines aspects of live action role playing, tabletop role-playing, forum role-playing, and dating simulation games into an experience that delves into the intimacies of distance in an early digital age.