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Seven Minutes in Heaven

Allison Kyran Cole, Droqen, Audie Maginley

Project Type
  • hybrid game
  • projector
  • relationships

Jul 2017

You and your love have just 7 minutes in heaven together – but heaven is full of invisible walls, and just one of you has the maps

Seven Minutes in Heaven is a cooperative game played using a projector and a pile of hand-drawn maps.

One player controls the game’s avatar, projected onto a while, and tries to complete make their way through the challenges of the game with one small twist: everything but the avatar is invisible.

The second player has a pile of hand-crafted maps, only one of which will be accurate at any given moment. They must quickly search through the paper around them, and by holding them up to the project and communicating with the avatar-player the must figure out which map will lead them to safety.