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Strangers on the 'Net

Jenny Bacon, Allison Kyran Cole, Jess Rowan Marcotte, D. Squinkifer

Project Type
  • live action online game
  • larp
  • soft chaos original
  • fandom
  • the internet
  • the nineties

June 2020

"I’d never archived any of my teen-life chats or taken screenshots. All I have are half-forgotten memories of a feeling, an era, the stark lines of a chat box. But Strangers on the ‘Net gave me the gift of time, sharpened with a very specific flavor of introspection." -- Alexis Ong for Fanbyte

Get ready to gossip, roleplay, flirt, fight, fall in love, confess your secrets, explore your identity, and confront what it meant to be a teenager online in the 90s. An immersive digital roleplay experience, Strangers on the ‘Net is designed to encourage participants to reconcile the views of their youth with those that they hold in adulthood. Created and facilitated by award-winning game designers from Montreal, Quebec and across North America.

If you would like to tour the archival Strangers on the 'Net servers or have us run an instance of the game for your event, please reach out!