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Jess Rowan Marcotte, with thanks to Ash Cheshire, Thomas Deliva, Gina Hara, Enric Llagostera, Jordan McRae, Lukas Rowland, D. Squinkifer (voice actors, emotional support humans, and people who helped with programming).

Project Type
  • hybrid game
  • larp
  • interactive theatre
  • queer
  • phd

Jan 2019

You have been chosen to return to Earth’s early 21st century in order to collect trace residue from participants in our experimental research program for further analysis. You must be very excited!

TRACES is a physical-digital hybrid game experience about time travel and trans experiences in a Western 2018/2019 context. It uses RFID technology and custom interfaces to guide players through a space while they are being observed and approached by the denizens of 2019.