Our Values


Through solidarity, we aim to act together to make the parts of the world that we can influence a better place.

The Soft Chaos Cooperative was founded on cooperative principles from a desire to place control over decision-making in the hands of workers (that's us!). We are worker-owned and worker-led. We support efforts to make our industry (and all industries) more equitable and sustainable through organization efforts, collective action, and unionization. As a cooperative, we seek to model and explore alternative structures through our work.


Through play and playfulness, we can try out ideas that come from the wildest reaches of our imagination.

Playfulness gives us permission to get messy, to try out new ways of seeing, being, and making, without the pressure of getting it perfect on the first try. Our playfulness is what makes Soft Chaos great at imagining new possibilities and trying out unexpected and innovative solutions.


Through our queer experiences, Soft Chaos is often at odds to the status quo, and that's the way we like it.

We make no secret that our co-founders all identify as queer along axes of sexuality and gender, but that's not where the queerness stops. We see queerness as a way of resisting being absorbed into mainstream ways of thinking about the world and how it can be. We have queer bodies, queer minds, and queer desires, and we bring that difference to our design.


Through compassion for each other and for the people who surround us, Soft Chaos aims to create connections that move beyond the utilitarian.

Being led by compassion is how we create sincere care and connection between each other and our collaborators that can improve lives. To us, taking into account the diverse needs and experiences of those around us is not only a way of creating better end results (although it does do that). Compassion is part of what sustains us and why we love what we do.